Make Every Day a Memorable One with Food Coming From Menulog

It was one of the ordinary lazy Sundays and I was tired with the whole weeks work load. We had our months closing so I was neck deep in paper work and accounts and other stuff. It had been a miserable week food wise and I had not been able to eat properly. So today was my day and I thought I should treat myself with some good food and order using Menulog promo codes easily available at SuperSaverMama. I was way tired to go and buy my food and Menulog was my best option to succumb to eating yummy food without going out to the restaurants and searching the menus.

I wore my slippers brought in my laptop and logged in to the online store – Menulog. They had an array of menus to select from. I had been craving for some Japanese cuisine since awhile. I was missing family back and the famous salmon rice I used to eat at home. The main essence of the dish lies in fresh salmon and I wanted to eat the same dish so that I could miss my home less. It had been almost 5 years since I last visited my parents. The workload was too much and vacations were an out of reach question.

I took a deep sigh wondering when I will be meeting my family next and started searching through the menus available at Menulog. There were many reviews for Japanese flamingo a restaurant famous for their Okonomiyaki, Tempuras and Dumplings.

I was craving for some good dumplings and ordered Udon as a sideline dish. The Menulog team sent me their Menulog coupon codes for the Japanese menu along with extra discounts for their latest addition to their menu list. They added a new range of cocktails and smoothies in their menu. I was looking forward to the smoothies but for now I guess I would be saving those codes for some other time.

The Menulog informed me that my delivery would be done in half an hour and as they committed my food came piping hot in half an hour. The rider gave me discounts and when he gave me the parcel I could already smell the food. As I opened and took a bite and I was taken aback by the flavors and the aroma. It really took me back to my homeland where we used to have Udon in lunch on a hot afternoon.

That day Menulog just got one loyal customer as their service and offerings were the most look up to one which bachelors like me in foreign countries crave for. Thank you Menulog for your facilities. Click here for more continental cuisine deals.

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